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Valentine’s Day for Cruising Couples

Cruising is inherently romantic – picture you and your loved one out on the sea, away from the pressures of daily life, with nothing to do but enjoy yourselves. Taking a cruise that includes Valentine’s Day guarantees a romantic atmosphere – still, Cupid’s holiday calls for something extra-special.


When booking a Valentine’s cruise, consider two very important choices: your destination and your stateroom. Some destinations automatically conjure romance (think Hawaii, Tahiti, Rio de Janeiro).
Any cruise ship stateroom can be a romantic nest for two – but, for a Valentine’s cruise, think about stretching the budget a little to reserve the highest category of stateroom that you can afford. On many ships, higher-category staterooms come with extra amenities – private balconies, high-end linens, larger bathrooms, butler service or fresh flowers – that will make your Valentine’s Day more luxurious and memorable.


Many cruise lines can facilitate extra touches of romance – for example, you can usually arrange to have a bottle of champagne and some chocolate-covered strawberries waiting in your stateroom when you board. You can also choose an onboard specialty restaurant for a memorable dinner for two, or make a reservation for a relaxing spa treatment designed for couples.


Once on board, spend some time exploring the ship to find cozy nooks where you can canoodle. Even ships known for a "get the party started” atmosphere and large-scale entertainment venues have smaller, more intimate spaces where couples can dance cheek-to-cheek or share a glass of wine to the sound of low-key jazz. Out on the pool decks, some cruise lines rent private cabanas that will let you enjoy the activity around the pool but have your privacy, too.


Don’t overlook shore excursions as another opportunity to amp up the romance. Strolling through a charming port, hand-in-hand, can certainly be romantic – but, why not put a little thrill in your time on shore? Your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert can give you all the options for shore excursions that will get your hearts pumping. Depending on your itinerary, you could go zip-lining through a tropical forest, horseback riding through the surf, or parasailing in a double harness high above the water.


For more ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day cruise, talk with your personal cruise expert at Cruise Holidays.


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