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Comfort and Convenience at a Caribbean All-Inclusive Resort


A Caribbean all-inclusive resort is a true combination of convenience, comfort and affordability. Everything you need is right there: you won’t have to lift a finger to find delicious food, fun activities, or even some pampering. Now is an ideal time to plan a winter getaway at a Caribbean all-inclusive, as discounts are often available for booking in advance. You just need to think about three things:

Where do you want to go?

There are wonderful all-inclusive resorts across the Caribbean. Consider resorts on the mountainous, beach-fringed islands of the Eastern Caribbean: for example, the Punta Cana area of the Dominican Republic has become known for its all-inclusive beach resorts. The islands of the Southern Caribbean: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao have refreshing breezes and charming remnants of their days as Spanish and Dutch colonies. Or, visit the Western Caribbean which includes the lovely Cayman Islands and the fabulous resorts along Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

What do you want to do?

All-inclusive resorts are just that: they have everything you need to relax, eat, sleep and play. But, each resort is a little different. Some offer more dining venues, more water activities, or more holes of golf than others. Some are designed for families, and others are adults-only. Do you want your resort to have a casino, an expansive beach, access to hiking trails, even a private pool? Think about what you want most and tell your Cruise Holidays personal travel expert, who can find the perfect resort for you and your budget.
If you want to venture outside your resort to explore and experience local culture, keep in mind that some Caribbean destinations don’t have much tourism infrastructure outside the resort areas. In fact, in some places, it may not be safe to venture too far from your resort without a guide. Your Cruise Holidays travel expert can help you plan your day trips and guided excursions, so you don’t have to worry.

When do you want to go?

Winter is high season in the Caribbean. Minimum-stay requirements may be in effect and discounts will be rare. You may be able to save by visiting in the spring or fall, with the exception of Spring Break (generally mid-March to mid-April). Or, try summer: it’s the off season, but often the perfect time for a family vacation.
Keep in mind that summer and early fall is typically hurricane season in the Caribbean, so consider purchasing travel insurance against the slim chance that nature will disrupt your vacation. Your Cruise Holidays expert can help you select a plan that is right for you and your travel companions. It’s an asset that will help ensure an even more relaxing and worry-free vacation!



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